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True Boss started from the personal experience of its founder Mr. Kenny Lin. As a director of a technology company, he experienced a lot of pressure from work which had a bad effect on his psychological, emotional, and physical health. As a comfort to what he's feeling, he was in search of a drink that will make him feel better. On his quest to have a drink, he noticed that majority of the drinks available in the market do not provide much benefit to the body. With health as his top priority, he decided to create Fruit Enzyme which aids in uplifting the health of stressed workers. 


In the Philippines, the holders of True Boss master franchise felt the same sentiment as Mr. Lin with the available drinks offered in the country. In a trip to Taiwan, upon trying out True Boss, the team immediately fell in love with the drinks because they felt the effects of Fruit Enzymes. It was a unanimous decision to bring the brand to the Philippines because daily many Filipinos are suffering from the same stressful situation as Mr. Lin in their work. With the busy day-to-day activities, sometimes Filipinos forget about taking care of their health and just take on what is readily available in the market. 


With True Boss coming into the Philippines, having a cup of Fruit Enzyme to comfort the body and improve one's health is now made possible and convenient!


With more than 20 stores in 8 different countries, True Boss have chosen to first open in Metro Manila here in the Philippines. Like Taiwan, Metro Manila is a bustling city full of industries that give stress to their workers. The benefits of Fruit Enzyme will truly be helpful for workers who are looking for that cup of comfort.


Be worry-free on boosting your metabolism, enhancing your immunity, and revitalizing your cells with the nutritious drinks from True Boss! Other Fruit Enzyme benefits include inhibiting the synthesis of fat which aids in easier and faster weight loss.


We are proud to announce that True Boss is the first and only Fruit Enzyme specialty drink shop in the Philippines! Each drink is all-natural from fruits and vegetables only. All the ingredients in each cup of True Boss drink is certified by Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) — world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.