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A refreshing twist
on healthy drinks.

What makes us healthy?

Fruit Enzymes are the base for most of our drinks. It’s made from fermented fruits & vegetables that are packed with so much nutrients. It can help improve digestion, boost immunity, and even increase metabolism. 


That’s what makes our drinks so unique!


Get to know our five fruit enzymes!

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Peach Enzyme

Helps improve skin and prevent breakouts.

Flavor Profile: Sweet with a little sour kick. Recommended for first-timers!

TB_Food Panda - Cranberry Enzyme.png


Cranberry Enzyme

Helps in preventing UTI.

Flavor Profile: Tarty just like real cranberries!

TB_Food Panda -  Apple Enzyme.png


Apple Enzyme

Rich in antioxidants and helps improve digestion.


Flavor profile: Tastes like your favorite apple juice with an extra kick!

TB_Food Panda - Plum Enzyme.png


Plum Enzyme

High in Vitamin C and helps boost the body’s immune system.

Flavor profile: Imagine champoy or kiamoy but in a drink. An acquired yet well-loved taste.

TB_Food Panda - Peach Enzyme.png


Grape Enzyme

Contains Vitamin B6 and other nutrients that can help reduce blood sugar levels.

Flavor profile: This packs a punch with its strong tart flavor from green grapes.

True to the core

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We use cane sugar over
refined sugar for better digestion.


Our fruits are freshly delivered and hand-picked for optimal taste. 

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Tea machines are used to steep our tea to perfection. 

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